Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the actual DJ that will be at our event?

YES! I am a one woman show. I will be there from planning to partying. If needed for larger events, I will bring an assistant to make sure all bases are covered and you will not have to worry about a thing!

You don't look like a DJ that has been around the block. How many years experience do you have?

2002 was when I first started DJing at the age of 16! WOW. I still cannot believe it has been that long. I started DJing as an assistant and learned enough "tricks of the trade" to get going on my own and here we are! Trust me, I continue to further my education and improve my skills to make sure I am at the top of the game in the DJ world so that YOUR event will be my best event yet!

I love so many types of music! Where do I begin with our playlist?

Almost 100% of my packages come with a custom playlist. That is right my friend, CUSTOM. I work with you from the beginning to find out what music rocks your world so that there are no surprises or disapointments that your "song" wasn't played. (Doesn't that suck when that happens?!) I have an enormous song library that grows by the minute between my obsession with I-Tunes and my previous experience with multi-faceted radio stations. Trust me. The music and the dancing should be one of the best memories of your reception!

Are you insured?

One big fat YES! As a proud member of the American Disc Jockey Association, I have respectable insurance that protects myself, your guests and my equipment. Whew! No worries there :)

What kind of back-up system do you have?

Luckily, being a digital DJ, all of my music and playlists are backed up on three separate systems. I bring all of those systems with me to the events, along with an additional laptop. The sound equipment has a back up system of it's own that I keep "just in case". #knockonwood. Long story short? If something goes wrong, I will do everything in my power to make sure nothing skips a beat.

I have such a tight budget and we are thinking of using a Ipod and a rental system. Can we rent your equipment?

To answer your main question, no, I do not rent out my equipment. If you take any advice from me at all, PLEASE think thoroughly before having an Ipod wedding/event. This can make you very distracted throughout the reception and whoever you have "watching" the system will more than likely not have experience needed to keep the event flowing smoothly and the dance floor packed. Even the best playlist can be lost on a mixed crowd and then you are scrambling to flip through the ipod for the song that will get the crowd back on the dance floor. A great DJ will be two steps ahead of the crowd, anticipating the next songs to keep everyone happy and excited! I work with every budget and my packages can be mixed and matched to make sure you get what YOU want and your budget doesn't suffer!

Can we meet without signing a contract? I want to make sure we get along.

I couldn't agree more about getting along with your DJ! With all the different DJ's out there, you deserve to have one that you actually like and can trust to make your event amazing and fun! As much as I want to DJ every single event, I understand and realize that I may not be the best DJ for everyone. As long as you get what you are looking for, that is all that matters. Your event being what you imagine and beyond! I would love to meet with you to talk about how i can make that happen for you.

What are your prices?

You may have noticed that my prices are not on my website. Why? Because I don’t want a price to become what turns you away, what makes you not fully realize what all I can offer you. I offer several different packages that can fit EVERY budget. Just ask :)