Hey there! I am Amanda Pearl. (Sorry to dissapoint - I have no fancy DJ name) I could start off telling you everything about me and that special something I can bring to your party that no one else can. I could...but I won't. I will start off by telling you what I love doing more than anything in this world: making people dance. (I should clarify what I count as dancing...everything from car dancing (you know what Im talking about) to full-out-don't-care-if-anybody-is-watching dancing. All dancing counts when you hear the right song.) When I am getting ready for an event, I don't treat the guests the same as I have ever treated any other group. My goal is to hear, at least ONCE throughout the event, from someone "THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!" Think about it. Every single person has a favorite song. That special song that makes them happy, no matter the mood. If I can find that song without them even requesting it, then I know Im on the right track.

Basically, I would love to be a part of your special day. I love all types of events and specialize in Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary and Graduation Parties, Kids Parties and Karaoke. I can be as interactive or as in-the-background as you wish. I love what I do and I look forward to hearing from you! (Yeah...you!)